Wendy Brown

Professional Makeup Artist

With nearly 20 yrs professional makeup and hair design experience, I always strive for perfection using the latest information on skin and hair care and product integrity. I specialize in the “no makeup” makeup look for a clean natural-beauty look. It is important to me that you look and feel your best self. Our makeup sessions are not about my aesthetic, though, it is about creating your signature look.

Suzanne Patterson, 2 time Emmy award winning makeup artist and director of education for Graftobian Makeup Co.
Wendy's Family

Shown in photo (left) is Suzanne Patterson, a 2 time Emmy award winning makeup artist and director of education for Graftobian Makeup Co. I am honored she has been and still remains my mentor.

About Me

I started getting interested makeup when my husband and I opened a theatrical attraction in 2000…then and there I fell in love with special effects makeup and costume design.

I began to study and practice various specialty makeup techniques including those for airbrush application, HD production and character art.

Eventually, my reputation as an accomplished makeup artist pulled me into the world of film and television, and as they say in the business, “I got the bug.”

With a passion for learning, I continued my study of makeup at High Definition Makeup University and Stan Winston School of Character Design.

I have done both makeup and costuming for television shows such as MSNBC, American Titans, Nightmare Next Door, Saved, Farm Story, Time Machine Guitar, Riggo on the Range, Machinery of Dreams and Ted Talks and for non-broadcast television such as Wells Fargo Corporation, Lowe’s Home Improvement, CFA Institute, Hilton Hotels, WeddingWire, The Knot, Square, and National Gypsum.

I have had the pleasure of doing makeup for celebrities such as Chris Cooper, Adrian Pasdar, Ruth Connell, Alice Coulthard, Boris McGiver, Zepher Benson, Alex Wolfe, Stefania Owen, Eric Nelsen, Mark Singer, Art LaFluer, Haley Dumond, Paul McGill, John Riggins, and Ralph Covert.

I love working on news broadcast and documentaries, as well and have worked with Jeff Flake, Ted Cruz, Hallie Jackson, Joy Reid, Kelly Ann Conway, Tim Kaine, and Andrea Mitchell.

As an accomplished special effects makeup artist, prosthetic and mask creator, my work has been featured in several horror films such as Machinery of Dreams, House Hunting, Josephine, Danger*Zombie*Run, Lullaby, In the Book, and Coming Through the Rye.

I love playing with my family and friends. I’m a people person! I am into gardening, forest foraging, political activism, yoga, meditation, dancing, live music and renovating old houses. I’m also a hoop dancing enthusiast!

Corporate Clients

  • Lowe’s Inc.
  • Wells Fargo Corporation
  • National Gypsum
  • Mack/Volvo Truck Academy
  • Insurance Highway Safety Institute
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Textbook
  • Truman National Security Project
  • Cooper-Thomas
  • HC Drug Free
  • CFA Institute
  • Beck Cohen
  • Plow and Hearth
  • Westminster of Canterbury
  • Michigan State HealthCare
  • ARTIS Hair Restoration Infomercials
  • Cozone
  • UVA Children’s Hospital
  • Hilton Hotels
  • My Jive Productions
  • Symbios Studios
  • Sorkin Strategic
  • Ventana Productions
  • Towne Group
  • Payne Ross
  • George Kamper/In house
  • Arvold Productions
  • Take 29 Productions
  • Dream Factory
  • Affluity Inc.
  • Rammelkamp Photography
  • Adair Freeman Photography
  • William Gold Entertainment
  • Rubicon Productions/PBS
  • Digico
  • Shentel
  • Air and Space Museum IMAX
  • Pillage and Plunder Films
  • Spirit Fruit Productions
  • Dream Factory
  • Dave Perry Cinematography
  • Amoeba Films
  • Anthony Faust Productions
  • Abandon Films
  • Pillage and Plunder Films
  • EAW Productions
  • Mark Wagner Films
  • Derrick Borte
  • Hoopla Media
  • NBC Universal
  • American Heroes Channel
  • 522 Productions
  • Team People
  • Palidin Productions
  • Trex Decking
  • Sam Hill Productions
  • Virginia Lottery 
  • Wedding Wire
  • The Knot Worldwide
  • Storyhouse Prod/ Discovery Channel
  • Sirens Media/Discovery Channel
  • Arvold Productions/PBS
  • Going to Tahiti Productions
  • Silver Streak Media/PBS
  • Medscape
  • Ameriprise
  • Ologie
  • Mod Op
  • Square
  • Booze Allen Hamilton
  • Pac Size
  • Designing Spaces
  • NAMI
  • Feeding America
  • Archetects of the Capital
  • Mental Health America


  • Dope Sick
  • The Today Show
  • American Titans
  • Racing the Times
  • Riggo on the Range with John Riggens
  • Nightmare Nextdoor
  • Copy Cat Killers
  • Evil Step Mothers
  • House of Horrors
  • Time Machine Guitar
  • Farm Story
  • Politics Matters
  • GONE


  • Ravage
  • Machinary of Dreams
  • Runaway
  • The Forgiving
  • Unheard Melodies
  • Gift
  • Small Packages
  • Josephine
  • Coming Through the Rye
  • House Hunting
  • Elemental
  • Alter Egos
  • Sienna Burning
  • Danger. Zombie. Run.
  • The Seen
  • The Fourth
  • Lullaby
  • In the Book
  • Way of the Wicked
  • Michael Marquart Music Video
  • John Tracy Music Video

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