Wendy Brown Makeup Artist



  • Trained and experienced HD film, television and print, vanity artist
  • Continued professional development through Stan Winston School of Character Arts and High Definition Makeup University
  • 15 yrs of production experience
  • Expert special makeup and practical effects artist
  • Owner/Operator of prosthetic and prop studio
  • Costume Designer/Seamstress
  • Wardrobe and fashion stylist

Corporate-Commercial Clients

  • Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, Inc.  EAW Productions
  • Wells Fargo Corporation                                 EAW Productions
  • National Gypsum                                                   EAW Productions
  • Mack/Volvo Truck Academy                          My Jive Productions
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Textbook      Symbios Studios
  • Truman National Security Project              Sorkin Strategic
  • Cooper-Thomas                                                       Ventana Productions
  • HC Drug Free                                                            Towne Group
  • Insurance Highway Safety Institute          IHSI Studio
  • CVCC / UVA Degree Program                       Payne Ross
  • CFA Institute                                                            CFA Corporate Studios
  • Beck Cohen                                                               Arvold Productions
  • Plow and Hearth                                                   Plow and Hearth Studio
  • Westminster of Canterbury                         Take 29 Productions
  • Michigan State HealthCare                          Dream Factory
  • ARTIS Hair Restoration                                    Affluity Inc.
  • Cozone                                                                         Rammelkamp Photography
  • UVA Children’s Hospital                                  Adair Freeman Photography
  • Prosthetic Application                                     William Gold Entertainment

Television Shows

  • The Today Show                                                   NBC Universal
  • American Titans                                                  American Heroes Channel
  • Saved                                                                          MSNBC
  • Racing the Times                                                  Rubicon Productions/PBS
  • Riggo on the Range w/ John Riggens      Digico
  • Nightmare Next Door                                       Sirens Media/Discovery
  • Copy Cat Killers                                                    Storyhouse/ Discovery
  • Evil Step Mothers                                                Sirens Media/Discovery
  • House of Horrors                                                 Sirens Media/Discovery
  • Time Machine Guitar                                        Arvold Productions/PBS
  • Farm Story                                                              Going to Tahiti Productions
  • Politics Matters                                                   Silver Streak Media/PBS


  • Josephine                                                                Arvold Productions
  • Coming Through the Rye                              CTTR Productions
  • House Hunting                                                     Pillage and Plunder Films
  • Elemental                                                                Arvold Productions
  • Alter Egos                                                                Spirit Fruit Productions
  • The Gift                                                                     Dream Factory
  • Sienna Burning                                                     Dave Perry Cinematography
  • Danger. Zombie. Run.                                      Amoeba Films
  • The Seen                                                                  Grade A Films
  • The Fourth                                                              Abandon Films
  • Lullaby                                                                       Pillage and Plunder Films
  • In the Book                                                              EAW Productions
  • Way of the Wicked                                            Mark Wagner Films
  • Michael Marquart Music Video                 Derrick Borte
  • John Tracy Music Video                                  Hoopla Media

Hair, Makeup and Makeup Effects Artist